That day in the sand dunes (Part I)

by - April 08, 2019

It was on the sand dunes of Gobi desert that I experienced utter physical exhaustion for the first time. We were climbing tall sand dunes to enjoy sunset at the peak.

The climb was frustrating. With every step, the sand yielded and collapsed, reducing one step into half or a third of a step; so much wasted energy.

I saw that several other people already gave up and just sat or lied there on the sand. Many times I almost did myself, with my chest burning, desperate for breath, muscles protesting in pain. I regretted volunteering to take the two big water bottles because my backpack felt heavy like stones.

I had to stop, because my breathing and burning chest was screaming for rest and I simply could not go on anymore. I told Ave to go on and leave me alone; the view was already nice here.

I sat there admiring the view, taking a few snaps on my camera, catching my breath and slowly regaining strength but feeling conflicted, a part of me was ego and pride feeling abashed of giving up. The other part consoling myself that it is a holiday and I shouldn't take it too hard.

"It's ok right," I asked, "it is right to not be enslaved by ego and pride?"

"But would you try it for Me?" a gentle soft thought formed up.


I sat pondering for a while, wondering if that voice came from myself or He who creates everything. It was very unlikely that I myself would come up with such a thing.

If one is asked that way (especially by someone gentle and kind), how could anyone say no? Well, a few steps wouldn't do any harm.

There I went, step after step, slowly, stripped of any pride, just a small resolve to go for the next, then the next step...

After what felt like a thousand little steps, I could actually started to see the peak, so close yet so far. The sand yielded with every step.

Then, eventually, I reached a point where I didn't need to climb on all fours and could stand up, with full view of the sands on both sides. I made it to the peak.

With my remaining strength I hobbled over to meet everyone; who clapped and cheered me on and patted my back. I just missed the sunset.

But oh boy, the view. Such glorious view. Cotton candy sky from firey yellow and orange to blue and grey, and the most magnificent is the pink sand ablaze, reflecting the dusk. I was glad. I was glad I listened to that always gentle Voice.

To be continued in Part II.

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