by - December 31, 2015

Hello. My name is Alice, nice to meet you.

I was born and raised in Indonesia, experienced life as a Singaporean school girl, briefly as a Tokyoite shakaijin (salary woman), and now call Sydney home.

During day time, I’m a corporate ninja, who's not ashamed to admit my fondness for spreadsheet, numbers and parametric design. I've always been comfortable with numbers and science, but as I grow older, so is my interest in other subjects such as in social sciences, religion, culture, travel, and languages.

Therefore, much broader than a day job, I've set myself to be a learner, which means that I could really be anything: student, explorer, dreamer, child, daughter, reader, writer, philosopher, psychologist, artist, story teller, and so on (except a sportsman. A sportsman I am not).

As a kid, I liked to read, write, and draw. This space is my medium to learn and motivate myself by rekindling those early passions; a journal / notebook / sketchbook to record my memories and journey in trying to figure out adulting, life, people, and myself.

You’ll find plenty of jumbled random berries here: thoughts and musings, memories, photographs, travel accounts, inspirations, creations, and so on.

Welcome and thanks for dropping by!

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